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PoT can digitise and help manage any process, anywhere, at any scale

PoT uses an entirely new approach to digital and real-world processes.

We realized that any and every process can be broken down into a series of tasks; a finite set of directional but variable, step by step interactions between, people and objects in a particular location - and we have developed a way to manage such processes on any device, usually a smart phone.

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The PoT Building Blocks - Process, Trust and Transactional Cryptocurrencies.

Process of Things (PoT) is a wide-ranging, multi-purpose digital application able to connect people, and the processes of the everyday ‘real-world’ with the virtual world - the internet of things and the web. Regular use of PoT allows for an anonymous Trust personae to be maintained which enables anyone regularly using the application to safely but anonymously use cryptocurrencies and local transactional digital currency.


PoT can make your process easier, more efficient intuitive and secure, faster, safer, cheaper and far more seamlessly integrated with all the digital and information resources now available, such as the web and the internet of things.  


PoT allows users to establish and maintain a self-asserting, anonymous, digital Trust profile or identity, and it requires this Trust identity in order to use it fully.


PoT will launch an entirely public blockchain dedicated to trust with its own native token to establish and maintain trust for users. The trust blockchain will also act as a gatekeeper, only allowing trusted users to interact with an unlimited number of other, entangled blockchains behind the trust ‘gate’ (cross chain applications). 

Transactional Cryptocurrencies

A transactional blockchain would be one that exists behind the trust blockchain. Because of this it has far lower security overheads and thus it can handle thousands of simultaneous transactions and can be used for everyday real-world purchases.